Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tech Events Aggregator

*Update : Dave added a blog post about his idea*
Dave Winer made a suggestion on Twitter (do we need trackback for twitter???) that

"@jeffbar, we need an aggregator of events happening in the tech world, it should be possible to somewhere and see what's up & who's going"

Scoble said

"twitter: Scobleizer: @davewiner: how about ? That's where I usually learn about events."

Now, i also do the same - but following just the events on the various major events areas is just the start of the issue.

For example, i want to know what is available online to us across the water - and to what level.

I have tried to push for grassroots events blogging for a while but nothing much has emerged - certainly not to the level when almost everyone has videos of their events. I'd like to know who is going and what they plan to do - will they blog it? Text, Video - live video.

In other words, i have little time as it is and filtering all events for my exact criteris based on descriptions in the web page is a real pain. I'd like to see some aggregation "standards" pulled together to give me more than just a list.

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