Friday, April 13, 2007


I've been playing with the Glide 2.0 beta and i'm pretty impressed. The user interface is almost very cool. On the surface it's pretty good (some usability issues) - but the uploading for example needs work.

It pops up a new window which looks like it was written by my mum and then doesn't refresh the original screen when this has been done. It also doesn't seem to show a thumbnail of the image you uplaoded which would be 5 minutes work.

Ah, also, when editing your account the same window pops up (my mum was clearly busy!). This needs fixed, but it is in beta (i'd say alpha based on the "completeness" of most beta products out there just now).

The UI in general needs to be more "action orientated". Creating a blog (or post) is kinda the main thing you want to do when you click "blog" (and there are two big buttons saying blog). But these just take yoou to an emty page - you then needs to click a small little plus image to do so. Not cool. I also can't see how you would import an external blog. I've already got google changing my email address to make sure i have more accounts - i don't want the same with my flamin' blogs.

Hmm, first impressions are that it's really cool, but after using it you can see it is still in fairly early stages and needs some usability testing - the calendars could be nicer for example. One to keep tabs on.

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