Sunday, April 15, 2007


I created a UStream broadcast earlier today to try it out. I'm still figuring out whether it can be archived (i don't think it can), but it's pretty neat. I've seen video feeds before but the idea of UStream is that it is a more informal video feed (actually, this wasn't their original intention, but the community have pushed them that way!).

The live stream is below - i'm not sure whether to reuse the stream or create a new one next time i am on - as there is no archiving there doesn't seem much point in creating multiple channels (unless there is security/chat archiving in place). I'll figure it out.

So, what's it useful for? Well, as a time-windowed channel, loads of things!, But as a less formal stream, i'm not so sure. It is broadcast only i believe, apart from the text chat below it (see the full channel here), so it may be useful for a discussion/overview with customers (a very easy way of doing so as well), a random broadcast for help on some topic (imagine how neat it would be to go from a phone call or text chat to a video broadcast) and some other ideas. Personally, it would be neat to allow my kids to be able to contact me and see me when i'm out of office :)


Chris Yeh said...

You can choose to record your Ustream broadcasts (click the Record button from the broadcast control window), but the function is still a bit buggy.

You can reuse your stream every time you broadcast--you can create multiple streams in case you do different shows. The idea is that one person might do different shows, and that those shows should have different URLs.

You can also have different settings for different shows (chat/no chat, password protection, etc.).

One thing we've seen is people using teleconferencing services to run what amounts to a call-in show. We also have some rudimentary videoconferencing.

--Chris Yeh (Ustream investor)

weblivz said...

Thanks Chris - the more I used it the more i discovered some of its features.

My ears are still ringing from the feedback on my initial test (volume was way way to high) but i'm probing to get it "tested" in a real environment (such as a discussion on a product).

I'm also thinking of adding a few blog entries with it, but trying to figure how that may work. I like the idea of a start-up being able to run a show with its top people discussing their products live!