Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plazes Mobile

After having used Plazer wifi for a while now, i decided to see how it worked on my mobile phone.

So I installed Palzer mobile using Bluetooth and then ran the applet. I created a new test location and submitted and sure enough my blog was updated (top left).

It was pretty simple and very powerful. I'd like to be able to make certain locations private to friends and family but i'll need to play around to see if that is possible.

Nice work @

btw - you can also send SMS messages, but that may cost a few bucks as it's a german number.


Anne-Aymone Ferreira said...

Hi Steven,
you also have a USA number:
+1 (718) 407-9566
to use Plazes SMS.
Would you like to take part in the sneak preview of the new Plazes taking place in May?
If yes, please send me an email with:
- your name
- blog URL
- email
Please let us know if we need any assistance by using Plazes.
anneaymone (at)

Anne-Aymone Ferreira said...

Sorry, I saw afterwards that you are in UK.
ok, we are working on that also...
We keep you updated on that.